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Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to all!
Melissa Musick Nussbaum has a reflection at the beginning of Give Us This Day, for September. She is writing for all types of communities- families, people bond not by blood but shared interests, etc. and, of course, religious communities are included. I am only sharing the first sentence of her reflection which has the title "In the Wilds of a Household".

"When I realized that St. Benedict had survived two attempts by his own monks to poison him, I knew I'd found someone who understands what it is to live in community."

Later she mentions toothpaste in the sink rather than foreign policy as the cause for squabble. I can relate to this as I love having a clean, orderly house and that just does not seem to be realistic so I must change my expectations. One can only change oneself. On the other hand, community is a wonderful experience when we live together and can laugh, pray, and share our lives. One feels part of the ministry of others. I have found much joy in living in community. However, I suspect there is some truth in the saying that even my mother used to quote after my Dad retired: "I married your father for life but not for lunch."

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