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Friday, September 25, 2015

Walking in the footsteps of St. Madeleine Sophie

Because we celebrate St. Madeleine Sophie's feast on May 25th, every month in Chile, we had special devotions for her. I do not know if this is done in others countries, but it has stayed with me to make the 25th a special day and I try to honor Sophie who means so much to me. The Society of the Sacred Heart owes her so much. She was the foundation stone in 1800 who would be chosen as our first Mother General; she governed the Society of the Sacred Heart for 65 years! I am just with her this month thinking of how much she suffered from her foot.

She wanted to live under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. She also urged us to listen to Jesus.
Here is a quote from her:
"Great should be our zeal and ardor in acquiring the very spirit of the Heart of Jesus, so that we may be able to communicate it to all who come in contact with us."

May we follow Sophie's example and act always under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit!

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