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Monday, September 28, 2015

September is almost over

I have just finished reading the Life of Mother Louise Callan; you can find it on Amazon and I had the Kindle edition which I read on my I-pad; I with I had had the printed edition as then I could have easily checked the notes at the end of the book while reading it. If you knew Mother Callan personally, you will want to read this book. Many of you know her because of her wonderful life of Philippine Duchesne. She taught me at Maryville and also made the retreat at St. Charles one summer when I was also making it. She had just finished the last chapter and offered to read it to us during our noonday meal. Each day of the retreat I was aware of the last days of Philippine and we were all crying by the time Mother Callan finished the chapter. I do not remember anything the priest said in that retreat, but I do remember listening to Mother Callan.
On the fifth day of the retreat, Reverend Mother Walsh arrived to tell me that I would not be going back to Villa Duchesne in September (I had made my vows in December and then taught at Villa from January to June and then went to twelve weeks of summer school and was actually missing class to make my retreat at St. Charles.

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