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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mary and Martha

I was praying about how Martha welcomed Jesus into her home and was bustling about to serve Him. Mary also welcomed Jesus but was content just to be with Him. Martha then decides that Mary should be helping her, but Jesus tells her that she is troubled about many things but Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her. Now, I remember giving this passage as to be meditated on during a directed retreat in Chile. The retreatant came back and told me that she was upset with Jesus; she thought Jesus should have agreed with Martha and told Mary to help her. 
I have always longed to be Mary but I am often Martha. The big problem is not to resent whatever role falls to me at that time. I still can be Mary sometimes and a contented Martha at other times. The important thing is to find joy in the many things and not let them trouble us.

Our vocation as Religious of the Sacred Heart is both active and contemplative. I think God gives a special grace so we can be both. It is never either or but both - certainly both prayer and ministry have given me joy for over 65 years of religious life. God keeps surprising me with new ways to give Him joy!

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