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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Holy Spirit

In this blog I have often mentioned over the years my efforts to develop a personal relationship with each Person in the Blessed Trinity. The Holy Spirit is invoked by me often for help, but I was thinking that I ought also to be thanking the Spirit for all the aid I constantly receive. I get carried away when I begin to think of the Trinity and how each Person is constantly loving and not one of us is forgotten. It is such a mystery, but after reading the daily news I just need to confide the world to God again each day. It does not help to get depressed over the violence, the suffering, the needless deaths because people carry guns, etc. - I do feel helpless, but God is all-powerful and all-loving and so I am consoled by the fact that God does care for our world and for each of us.

Pope Francis spoke of the culture of encounter. I liked what he said so much that it is one of my goals. Here is the quote I copied in my journal. I hope I have it right as I did not give the source:
"To be a person of dialogue, committed to the culture of encounter, who looks for the best in people and is not judgmental..."
We encounter others each day - let us look for the good in each and never be critical as we cannot judge another.

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