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Monday, September 21, 2015

Vocation within a vocation

This year of consecrated life has been special for all Religious; we have renewed ourselves in the charism of our Founder or Foundress. We have revisited our vocation and our vocation within our vocation, if we have discovered that. I think it took me some time to realize that my vocation within my vocation was to pipe a song of joy to Jesus; yet, when I look back over the years, it was always joy that was attracting me - to give joy to Jesus and to others. I was convinced that joy was what I had to give, but I did not realize that it is really a vocation within my vocation. This discovery has been a grace and I thank the Lord for it frequently!

In retreat my first year in Chile, I wrote about all the joys that a Religious of the Sacred Heart has each day. I felt inspired when I sat down to do this on the last day of the retreat. Unfortunately, without making a copy, I showed it to my superior who asked to send it to Rome. Now I wish I could remember all that I wrote then.

Keeping a gratitude journal these past years has helped me to be conscious of the many daily joys we have. When I am grateful, I am usually joyful.

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