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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


While I enjoy still being able to swim in Miami. I do miss the brisk weather and the turning of the leaves into their brilliant autumn colors. I would love to take a drive through New England some year in the Fall months. I guess that is on my "bucket" list. Maybe next year. In fact, now that we are one Province, I would love to drive to Canada. I have been to Halifax and to Prince Edwards Island on a great vacation years ago and another time visited Toronto, but that is all I know of Canada. It is too bad that the train trip across Canada is so costly as that is one trip I still desire to make someday.
Since the cursor wants to act up again and only start from the center, I will cut this blog but give you another quote from St. Madeleine Sophie to think about. She said, "Let us cling to God alone and keep our gaze, our hopes, fixed on God. Let us live in peace, steeped in trust in God's goodness. Their is your source of strength; you will find it nowhere else."

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