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Saturday, August 20, 2016

God seems far away

My reflection today is triggered by Karl Rahner who talks about how our hearts can be so inert, tired, worn out with everyday things. God may seem far away; we can feel incapable of loving as Jesus asks us to love - "Love one another as I have loved you"! Well, we cannot love as Jesus asks unless we seek this love from Him. We must pray for this love and God will answer our prayer by pouring out this love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. God must "love himself in us and through us in His Holy Spirit, for our love to be worthy of Him."
The truth is that we need to pray for love of God. We cannot will to love others as the Gospel asks, but we can pray for the grace and this is one prayer that pleases God and He is sure to grant us, if we really want it.

We have a funeral here this morning of a very beloved Religious.
It is easy to meditate on death here, but there is always joy when another of the community goes to God. We have a beautiful sharing of memories after the funeral Mass with all friends and relatives present.

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