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Thursday, August 25, 2016


In the mail today, I received a book from a dear friend with a note to tell me that the first section of this book is on gratitude, "a topic about which often you talk." That is true because I believe that a grateful person is a joyful person. The two go together. I am looking forward to reading this book: "Living Into Community: Cultivating Practices That Sustain Us" by Christine D. Pohl. 

The book is speaking about any community and gives these four practices that sustain community: Gratitude, Truthfulness, Making and Keeping Promises, and Hospitality. I suspect that there is much to reflect on in this book and I will happily share, if so inspired by the Holy Spirit.
Chapter 2 begins with a quote from George Herbert's "Gratefulness":
Thou who hast given so much to me,
Give one thing more--a grateful heart....
Not thankful when it pleases me,
As if your blessings had spare days;
But such a heart, whose pulse may be praise.

Let us ask then for a grateful heart whose very pulse is praise!

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