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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Today I read that happiness is an outward expression of our inward joy that is found in Jesus. Of course, anything that pertains to joy interests me.  I read about a book called "The Happiness Dare" by J
Jennifer Dukes Lee and this was quoted in the daily "In Courage":

Happiness is a feeling, but it’s also a decision. It’s a choice we get to make every day.
Where do we make that choice? I guess it is in everything from the moment we awaken until we sleep again at night. The entire day is choosing happiness by choosing what pleases Jesus.
Julian of Norwich said, "And what can make us rejoice more in God that to see in him that in us, of all his greatest works, he has joy?" And Bishop Morneau says that "joyful persons live with the conviction that they are not only acceptable in God's sight, but are truly one of God's delights. Joy leads us to self-acceptance and the acceptance of others. More broadly, joy leads us to say yes to our existence." From "Growing in Joy", p. 11.

When we are not happy, let us ask ourselves why we are not. It really helps to discover the cause. Last week, I was feeling funny inside, as though something was not quite right. After prayer and reflection, I decided I was just grieving my friends. After thirty years in Miami, it is natural that I miss many good and dear friends, but once I realized what was causing me to feel "funny inside" I began to both count my blessings and take time to contact a few of my friends. Being is California instead of Miami just means that I am grateful for e-mail and for writing notes to friends to stay in touch. Now I am smiling and send a big smile to all.

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