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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Jesus walked

I seldom walked anywhere in Miami; it was too hot. Now, I am walking for twenty minutes three times a day and finding it is a time for prayer and reflection and wonder at the beauty around me.
The redwoods alone invite awe and gratitude. My walks have also helped me to reflect on how Jesus made His way around with his disciples. He walked the dusty paths from one village to another.
Was he reflecting on the nature around him? He used some of what he saw in his parables when teaching in the villages. He avoided the large cities for the most part. He preached the Kingdom of God was at hand; he reached out to those who were poor, isolated, sick and infirm. He was open to go wherever he was needed or invited. He still is.
I guess I feel Jesus is inviting me to walk with him, to talk to him and to listen to the concerns of His Heart. I am grateful that I can walk and more than grateful and full of joy to know that Jesus wants to walk with me. He wants to walk with each of us. Get going! (I miss the swimming pool we had at our house in Miami, but I am grateful that I can watch the water polo practice in the huge pool here. I used to be able to swim there years ago, but now I think the insurance has made this impossible. Even the students who are not on teams or trying out for the swimming team are not able to go swim.)

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