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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I Believe In You

Picture taken from Villa Maria del Mar where I could sit in the shade and contemplate the ocean.

Second Day of Retreat and the focus was on God's believing in me, loving me just as I am. We were to hear God saying throughout the day, "Helen, I believe in you."
Then it was suggested that we think of others who have believed in us. I had a whole list, a long list and spent much time thanking for so many who have believed in me, who have seen possibilities in me, who have loved me and pushed me to be more than I could have been without their believing in me, loving me, encouraging me.
Then we were to think of some of the people I have believed in and the gifts I gave them.
Many of the people who believed in me and gave me incredible gifts of love are now with God, but some are very much alive and I did write a letter to one person who believed in me as that was another suggestion. Actually, I sent an e-mail from my I-pad.

Yesterday, we heard that our Provincial had been chosen to be our new Mother General for the next eight years. It was great news, but also means we now need to find a Provincial and, if we nominate one of the present Team, then we need a new Provincial Team member. However, I am thrilled about Barb Dawson's election and know she will be a great leader for the Society. I feel for her though as it is not an easy position to hold as we are all over the world and some Provinces are getting smaller and some are asking for changes in our way of governing. We are now being grouped in regions; Europe has been working at this for several years, but Asia only began and now the United States/Canada Province is one region with the Antilles and Mexico and South America. I have great faith in Barb leading us into the future. We celebrated here and took a picture to show her how happy we are.
I will be away for a few days visiting a dear friend, but my blog will appear each day. I think I will soon be writing  blog 3,000!

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