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Friday, August 5, 2016

I am grateful for the abundance in my life!

I took this picture of the goats who came to our reunion before retreat. They are very friendly!

The focus for the third day of the contemplative retreat was all on gratitude. The heading was "I am Grateful for the Abundance in My Life." I just went back over the abundance of graces I have received in my life and felt my heart overflow with gratitude. So many friends to be grateful for as well as wonderful relatives, the best parents anyone could have, classmates that are still my friends, and then all my sisters in the Society of the Sacred Heart. Then, I thought of all the experiences I am grateful for and how Jesus and Mary have been leading me. It was a day of gratitude and made me think that I should return to keeping a gratitude journal or at least thank for one thing each day in my new journal that I am just ready to begin. I started the other in Advent and it is now full with all sorts of entries, quotes, experiences, and joys that I do not want to forget.

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