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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Love is demanding

"Love is demanding; but there is no greater joy than love." That is a quote from Cardinal Schonborn's conversation about "The Joy of Love" from the August 15-22 issue of America. The interview was conducted by Antonio Spadaro, S.J. and the title is "The Demands of Love." Love is demanding, but God is Love and His Presence kindles joy. Sometimes we forget that God is present when we are struggling to love as "the Father loves" Jesus and as God loves us.
"Love one another as I have loved you" is what Jesus keeps telling us. In our world today, we need to keep on loving - loving those close to us, loving those who come to us, migrants, refuges, those in countries far from us but who are suffering and need love. We all need love and we are all called to love. We go to the Heart of Jesus to find this love and then we pour it out with joy to all. As John of the Cross told us: "Put love where there is no love and you will find love."
Let us spend the day pouring out the love that overflows from the Heart of Jesus.

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