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Monday, August 8, 2016

Radical Amazement and Hope

On the last day of retreat the focus was on Radical Amazement and Hope. Without hope, we cannot move forward. I love the song we used that day so will copy the words here:

Hold on to hope; you got to hold on to hope, 'cause Hope will change the world, you know hope will see us through.
When this world is getting you down and you feel you're losing hope, just dig deep inside, wake up your soul and hope is a good place to start.
Hold on to hope; you got to hold on to hope...

I returned from Davis, California, in time to join the party that was celebrating Sister Madeleine Desloge's 100th birthday. My nephew picked me up at 11:00 AM and we arrived after 1:30 as the traffic was heavy almost all the way. I often wonder where all these cars are going. I did have a lovely visit and now am home at Oakwood rejoicing in the new Central Council that our new Mother General named this morning. One from Europe, one from India, one from Africa, and one from Mexico.

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