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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed

Today we pray for all those who have died and may not yet be united to God. Since there is no time with God, I never have been clear about this waiting to be purified in Purgatory. It was a relief to know that many theologians question our whole doctrine of Purgatory as a place of purification. It does not seem to fit what I know about God. Perhaps there is a purification after death but then there is the knowledge that one will be with God for all eternity. I prefer to leave all to the mercy of God who loves us so much.
That does not keep me from praying for all who die; I want all to go directly to heaven. We are made for God and that union with God is happiness beyond anything that we can imagine.
I need to go to the cemetery. I heard that the middle school children were decorating it for All Saints, but I forgot to walk in that direction today. I usually go to the track around the football field and sometimes the children are out running around the track and today they also were following the leaders up and down the steps of the seating tiers for those who come to watch the football team. These children must be fifth or sixth grade but have a remarkable amount of energy. Today I just watched the girls, but other days the boys are doing sprints and I think the idea is to wear them out, if this is possible, so they can be still in the classroom the rest of the afternoon.

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