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Monday, November 28, 2016

What will you do for Advent?

During Advent we often choose a practice to help us prepare for the coming of Jesus at Christmas. Sometimes it means doing something for someone, acts of kindness, or maybe giving up something that we enjoy in order to have more time to pray or to serve others. I have been trying to discern what Jesus wants of me this Advent. One thing is also a call of our General Chapter to embrace silence in order to deepen our interior life with Jesus. I feel that I need to be attentive to the present moment and listen to what Jesus is saying to me. Of course, he often speaks through others, even through e-mails! We need interior silence to hear the way Jesus is present to us.
The priest began his homily on Sunday morning by saying that to really have the Advent spirit we had to go back to when we were little and were so excited because Santa was going to come. We need that same longing now for Jesus. If we tried to be good to prepare for Santa's coming, how much more we now should be able to spend our time preparing for the coming of Jesus.

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