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Monday, November 14, 2016

Marching for Peace

On Mondays and Fridays, I drive myself to Physical Therapy and work on gaining strength and also work at balance as it is important so I will not end up as so many do with a fall that breaks a hip or worse. I read in Spanish to one from Colombia; we began in the summer and now I go to her room as she fell, hit her head and broke her wrist. She is still suffering from the fall and has had to postpone her trip to Colombia.
What I started to say is that after an hour of intense physical work, I came home for lunch and joined some of the community in a march for peace planned by the students. I think the students were mostly seniors; some parents and teachers were also there. We began with prayer and each was given a safety pin. I asked what it was for and was told to keep me from fear; the safety pin symbolizes safety. We were rather quiet but marched out of the front gates and lined the busy road waving our signs. Mine said, "Respect others"; others were "Love not hate", "Unity" etc. The students were animated and the we waved at the cars and shouted the slogans about "love not hate" and "love conquers fear" and I cannot remember the others. We found some of the drivers honked and waved as they passed us.
I returned to the house with one who uses a white cane as she is legally blind but can see things when she is quite near to them. She gets lost outside but is good about finding her way around the house when inside.
It was a gorgeous day and I think we all felt that we were doing something positive.

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