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Sunday, November 13, 2016


As we approach the end of the Liturgical Year and Thanksgiving, I am going back to writing down three things that I am grateful for each day. I think that when we are grateful, we have both hope and joy. I just feel so grateful for so many things and think the Lord loves to hear me thank Him and even make a point of writing down some of the things that I am grateful for each day.
Today I meet with the Pauline Group of eight RSCJs who accepted the invitation to share on some of Paul's letters. We only meet once a month for an hour but it gives us time to have five minutes of silence followed by sharing of anything that struck us in the Letter, Galatians this Sunday. It is really more to share our experience of what may resonate with Paul's letter and is not a theological or biblical study.
Paul was a grateful person. I suggest we concentrate of being thankful for the daily gifts and joys as we prepare to celebrate our national holiday of Thanksgiving. Some families even share each night during dinner what each one has been grateful for that day. It helps us to welcome the good things and be on the lookout to express our gratitude.

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