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Friday, November 25, 2016

Good day to stay home

The day after Thanksgiving was always a quiet day with good leftovers to eat and I certainly do not remember anyone going out to shop. Now, it is Black Friday and so many sales that families cannot wait to get to the stores and the stores open earlier each year. We have really become a consumer society.

In Miami I was always amused by the Christmas decorations that appeared the day after Thanksgiving. In spite of warm weather, some homes had a sleigh and reindeer out on the lawn and often snowmen. The house across the street from us had a huge snowman who had to be blown up every morning and then it would bow and dance with the wind.
I do like to address Christmas cards and write my Christmas letter as early as possible. Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent and I hope to have a good start on my cards by then. I send less each year, but I still try to write to about fifty friends and relatives and then a few to Chile and several to Europe. As I get older, I find my list gets smaller. I do not send to RSCJ as I can e-mail them; I just like to be in contact with my friends at Christmas time.

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