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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Retreat Day for Associates

This Saturday we will have a retreat with our Associates who will renew their promises at Mass. I was invited to spend today with them and I am happy to do so. Saturday we always honor Our Lady by singing the Salve Regina at the end of the Mass. It makes me think of the many days when I was sacristan in Rome for Mater's Chapel and prayed daily in front of the first Mater who worked so many miracles and special favors for so many. I am praying to her for the peace and calm she had and continued to keep. If you think about it, Mary really had a difficult life - from the moment she said "Yes" to God, but she stayed calm and her focus was not on herself. Joseph did not understand and was ready to put her away, until he was told differently in a dream. Then there was the journey to Bethlehem, not an easy one when she was due to give birth soon. And you can fill in the rest - a need to flee to another country to keep her child safe. She certainly feels for those who today are having to leave their homes and country to seek safety for their children. Let us ask Mary today to aid all the refugees and to help us receive even more immigrants into our country and stop the separation of children from their parents.

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