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Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Kingdom of God

The reflection on today's Gospel by Silas H. Henderson taken from Give Us This Day" says that we should not be anxious...these days "are a time for us to recall that the hoped for Kingdom of God is already at work in the world and within us...The Kingdom of Heaven-the Reign of God- is realized, even now, in the quiet moments of our lives, our acts of prayerful devotion, our pursuit of justice, and our persevering commitment to a life of discipleship."

I really think that God is watching over our country and all in it; we must pray that our government acts according to what will help all of the United States, especially those who are disadvantaged in any way. It is wrong for our rich country to continue to have so many who are really poor - people who go to bed hungry, people who have no bed but are homeless. We must pray for all those who have been elected to realize that they can unite and do something to help those in need. People need a living wage, a secure job, healthcare that is affordable, and streets that are safe, to mention only a few of the needs in our own country. Then we need peace in the world! Many reasons to pray that the reign of God will be felt now.

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