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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

St. Philippine Duchesne

I seem to be preparing for the Feast of my dear Mother Duchesne on Friday, the Western Regional Meeting this week end and the Feast of Christ the King on Sunday to close the Liturgical Year. And then the next Sunday is Advent and that means only four Sundays before Christmas. I think Philippine would tell us to just be calm, find time for more prayer, and you will be prepared without anxiety, fuss, or frustration. Remember that each of us has all the time there is -24 hours every day!

This picture is one of my favorite of Philippine. It depicts her as being very grandmotherly and I think that is the way I always thought of her as a child. She was a loving grandmother to all of the children at the Academy of the Sacred Heart and we felt very close to her. She prayed long hours lost in God. I think I will ask her in these days to help me sit in silence with the Lord and be peaceful. The Lord can take care of the world and all our needs. We need just to be with Him and let Him love us!

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