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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Eve of Philippine's Feast

Philippine Duchesne died at St. Charles on November 18, 1852, leaving the reputation of a saint. Father Gavan Duffy wrote this about her:
"What have we learned from her? The value of a steadfast purpose, the success of failure and the unimportance of our standards of success; the power of grace released by deep, divine desires and simple duty daily done; the old, unearthly, stark, unwelcome fact that God is the workman, we the tools, so that He often takes His own way, not ours, producing wonderful results entirely beyond our ken--but only if the handle of the tool is smoothed and rounded to His hand by sacrifice and prayer."
Much to think about and, before Philippine was canonized, we celebrated our "Beata" on this day so it still seems right to do that now.

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