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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Feast of Christ the King

Images of Christ the King really do not appeal to me, but I love the idea that He is King of the whole universe. I am writing today as we are having Mass at 5:00 PM because of the meeting of the Western Region of our Province. It is always a joy for all of us to be together for prayer and sharing and, besides working to see how we can organize our region so that we feel connected to the entire Province yet can take care of so many things in our own region. I love seeing friends and just taking time to talk about the calls of our General Chapter. I know that I am called to live more humanly and also to embrace silence and try to deepen the contemplative side. We are both active and contemplative; I think that at this time in my life I am called to pay attention to God and spend more time in deepening my relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I want to live in gratitude and joy by realizing that all is gift. I think the Kingship of Jesus calls us to surrender ourselves completely to whatever He wants and to realize that all we do or do not do is really important as we are all involved in the evolution of the Cosmic Christ. 
To prepare for Thanksgiving I copied this from Holley Gerth on In Courage:
Who in your life are you thankful for? Think of at least one person.
2. November 19th – What is a memory that brings you joy? Look back and see God’s goodness in it all over again.
3. November 20th – How have you seen God answer your prayers this year? Pause and reflect on one “yes” you are living in now.
4. November 21st – When do you feel joy? Pay extra attention to one happy little moment in your day.
5. November 22nd – Where can you see God’s hand in your life? Consider one way He is taking care of you.
6. November 23rd – Why did Jesus come for us? Revisit His extraordinary love.

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