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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday before Election

I voted by mail this year for the first time. I usually enjoyed going to the polls in Miami, but I am happy to have finished the process early here. I think it has been a week of prayer for the elections, fervor over the World Series (I used to be a big baseball fan, but now do not want to take the time to watch a game but I still read the Sport Pages) - we also have some great basketball fans here as the Warriors are capable of rousing passionate response from several; and then there is football, both college and professional to watch on the week ends. I must confess that I just do not spend the time watching the games, but hope to do so in the future. Now, I am finding Sunday a great day for more prayer and reading.
How do you keep holy the Sabbath? I always want to make each Sunday special.
I am sure we are all praying for our country; if you have not yet voted, please think of the value of each vote and go to the polls. We are responsible people and voting is one of our responsibilities.

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