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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Two days before Thanksgiving

We have so much to thank for and I hope we do not need to wait until Thanksgiving to realize it and thank God for His many gifts. I think gratitude is something we need to cultivate; and we can learn to thank for the smallest things in life as well as the big ones.
Our prayer board is full of requests for prayers; it is great when we see a note thanking us for praying and letting us know the outcome of prayers for a particular intention.
What do I want to thank for this Thanksgiving in my own life? Take some time to reflect on your life today and even jot down what comes to mind to make sure you keep thanking the Lord for all He does for us.
we have put a large sheet of paper on the Bulletin Board where each may add what they are most grateful for at Oakwood. I wonder if each family could just share this way before Thanksgiving?

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