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Monday, November 14, 2016

Preparing for St. Philippine Duchesne's Feast

Friday is the Feast of St. Philippine Duchesne. Philippine was one of the early Religious of the Sacred Heart who left France and arrived in America in 1818. She opened the first house of the Society at St. Charles, Missouri. From very humble beginnings, her fidelity, abnegation, and great love attracted others to the Society and soon foundations were being made in Louisiana. Her great desire to go to the Indian missions finally came true in 1841.

I did not start this blog to talk about Philippine, but what I want to do to prepare for her feast. There are only four days and I need to let her spirit of prayer and her humility invade my own life. I also need to keep realizing the calls of our General Chapter as this Friday begins our Western Region Meeting - each Region is meeting from Friday evening to Sunday noon. Our Region is mostly concentrated here, with Redwood City, and San Francisco but we also have San Diego coming and Seattle. In all we will be about 99 at Oakwood and all will have meals here. Glad I do not need to worry about that!
The call to embrace silence is one I shall try to deepen this week as it is so important for our interior life. I was part of the retreat for the Associates last Saturday and was impressed by their lives of prayer and service. They have inspired me to reach out to others.

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