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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Preparation

We need to remember the first Thanksgiving. The early settlers and the Indians were united in thanking for the harvest that allowed them to feast. We take so much for granted. We only need go to the store to find all we need. Of course, there are still many in our own country who have not the money to celebrate with the kind of feast we associate with Thanksgiving. Let us remember them and be grateful that so many offer to help feed the hungry and our soup kitchens welcome volunteers. My own nephew and his wife will be helping to feed all who come to the St. Vincent de Paul place in Oakland.
Please pray for our twelve young religious in Rome who have begun their long retreat before final profession.
We will have Mass at 11:00 and then a turkey dinner with many invited guests.
I would like to pass on a recipe that is found online from the Ruth and Chris Steakhouse: it is for a sweet potato casserole and we had it last year and I promise you it is worth making - it does not need to be for this Thanksgiving, but you will not be sorry if you look up this recipe.

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