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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I have been using the prayer of memories. This began with my Guided Imagery about two weeks ago when I went flying with Jesus over all the places I have lived. Now, I am going back slowly with Jesus and remembering the graces of each place and thanking for the people and for the events that happened while I was living there. I did not realize how many places I have lived, but I am going back in my memory taking time to relive some important moments, to thank, and sometimes to ask pardon. It is an easy way to pray and makes me feel very grateful.

I have had so many zooms lately that I actually miss the solitude, but zooms are a great way for me to communicate. My three students are quite faithful to a weekly zoom plus an email to "check in" and I think we have made deep relationships and this has not been an easy year for our Seniors. Graduation is May 22 here and they are looking forward to finishing these last courses and examinations. 

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