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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Using the prayer of memories

 Since my Guided Imagery last week, I am returning with Jesus to all the places I have lived. I added some placed where I might only have stayed a month, but nothing under a month is on my list as I have over thrity-five places and it is taking me a long time to go back with Jesus and look at my daily life in each of these places; I need to spend time, especially with the people I lived with and just being grateful for so many wonderful memories. I really think this is a good prayer for me now and so I am taking time to go back and let the memories flow as I walk around the house and hear the sounds, etc.

This past week has been a busy one and I know that I have neglected my blog. I am also taking time to just be still and do nothing. It is good to take time out and just relax and "Be still and know God" - He wants to make Himself known to us. 

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