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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Sharing of Memories


Now that we are having the delayed funerals ever other week, we are also using the time together on Tuesdays after Mass to share memories of our departed sister. Yesterday we had a sharing for Barbara Carey who died shortly after her 100th birthday. She had a wonderful sense of humor and I miss her.

This sharing today is from the beginning of the Book of Privy Counsel by the author of The Cloud of Unknowing, still a favorite book. The author says: "Do not pray with words unless you feel you have to, and even then, if you do, do not bother about their being many or few.....See that nothing occupies your thoughts except an utter determination to reach out to god: no special thought about what he is, or how he works, but only that he is. Let him be himself, please, and nothing else. You are not to go probing into him with your smart and subtle ideas. That belief must be your foundation."

A liitle later, the author will also say: "you are not to think about yourself any more than you do about God, so that you are one with him in spirit...."

Being a theologian is not always a help for prayer!! Let us just rest in God's presence today.

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