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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Spring is Really Here

 I am enjoying our patio full of roses, tulips, flags, and other lovely flowers that I confess to not knowing all the names of the many blooming bushes and trees. It has been a delight to watch the apple tree change from pure sticks to tiny buds and now it is in full bloom.

I missed writing my blog partly because we lost our internet connection on Wednesday and I was out much of Thursday and just did not get to the blog yesterday as there were over 65 emails to try to take care of plus time spent trying to just be present to all that is going on here. We are now beginning to have funerals for the eight who have died this year - but not one of us has had the virus. Age is what caused these deaths or complications due to old age. 

What I let God see and accept in me also becomes what I can then see and accept in myself, in my friends, and in everything else! This is “radical grace.” This is a quote from Richard Rohr.

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