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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Celebrating Mater's Feast Today

I will be joining the alums at Carrollton for Mass and lunch and really look forward to this. When looking for something else, I found a program for the Mass from another year and remember that I kept it as I loved the first reading. It is from the Book of Sirach 24:23-31 and I shall copy it here: "Wisdom overflows, like the Pishon, with wisdom--like the Tigris in the days of the new fruits. Wisdom runs over, like the Euphrates, with understaning, like the Jordan at harvest time. Wisdom sparkles like the Nile with knowledge, like the Gihon at vintage time. The first person never finished comprehending wisdom, nor will the last succeed in fathoming her. For deeper than the sea are her thoughts; her counsels, that the great abyss. Now I, like a rivulet from her stream, channeling the waters into a garden, said to myself, "I will water my plants, my flower bed I will drench". And suddenly this rivulet of mine became a river, then this stream of mine, a sea. Thus do I send my teachings forth shining like the dawn, to become known afar off. Thus do I pour out instruction like prophecy and bestow it on generations to come."

This applied to Mater is terrific insight - at least it struck me as a deep, new insight into her wisdom!

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