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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What really matters?

When we have lost neither heaven nor hope, what else matters? This quote of St. Madeleine Sophie that I copied off of our  Province website makes for reflection. It puts things in our lives in perspective. I am realizing that just thinking about what I am grateful for each day is a way of examining my life; everything is gift and it is so good to go back and thank God even for past memories.
I am trying to clear out and throw away so much accumulated over the years. I was looking at some of the cards and pictures I had saved from my last trip to Scotland and the friends I made there. It was so much fun but also a really deep spiritual experience for me to stay at the house of prayer on Iona - I think we were two nights there but it left an impression on me as I thought of so many who had come there seeking God. I also will never forget the ride across Scotland from Perth, the Garden Cottage, being with three of my International Online students and meeting some wonderful Religious of the Sacred Heart - and then I went to England and that was another experience of great hospitality. So, there is much to be grateful for today in the present and in the past and, since I feel that I have lost neither heaven nor hope, what else matters?

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