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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where are the other nine?

Ten lepers meet Jesus and ask to be healed. He tells them to go show themselves to the priests as off they go. When they realize that Jesus has cured them, only one returns to glorify God and thank Jesus. And Jesus asks, "Where are the other nine?"
This Gospel has always been connected with my early call to follow Jesus in religious life. I realized that Jesus has a human heart and looked for gratitude from those he loved. This Samaritan, one who was certainly not a friend of the Jews, is the only one who returns to thank Jesus. As a child, I realized that so many good people did not stop to thank for the many good gifts God is constantly giving us and I wanted to make up for this indifference and lack of love. It was one of the ways that Jesus attracted me to leave all and become a Religious of the Sacred Heart. I still am attracted to the attitude of gratitude and hope that I am remembering to return and praise God by being grateful for each moment so full of His gifts!

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