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Monday, October 7, 2013

Joyful Monday!

 Why should we say "Joyful Monday"? Why not? It is a new week to love and serve the Lord! It is a new week to discover His Love in so many ways. Monday is a day of surprises! It is a day to thank for the beginning of another week, whatever our work. We look at the days to come and see that they are filled with things to do - some of these are things we really want to do; others may be just things we need to do but we can find joy in the fact that we are able to do these things! I need to stop and thank for the fact that I can see; I can walk; I can drive; I can sit here at the computer and be in touch with my friends... all things we so often take for granted.
This week, my "to do" list will contain only the things I know I can do each day and then I can cross them off with joy. One of my community told me a long time ago that I had to be realistic about a "to do" list - if I only put two or three things on my list and know that I will get them done, I can rejoice and even pat myself on the back. I am really going to try this for October! I do intend to get back to writing that book! Love and prayer to all my faithful readers. I do hope that what the Holy Spirit inspires me to write will be a help to all!

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