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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is celebrated now as the eve of the Feast of All Saints - I guess the Church realized that the fun so many were having on this last day of October could also prepare for a more religious celebration of all the saints in heaven and then, the next day, have a special ceremony for all the poor souls not yet in heaven. I just like to think of our part now in the Communion of Saints. We pray to those who have gone before us and are now united to God for all eternity; we pray for those who might still be waiting for this eternal union. I think all Hallow's Eve is a great institution if it really makes us aware of the Communion of Saints. I also think it is still a fun time for so many. We have the traditional bag of candy ready!
One of my first years in Miami caught me out on Halloween. I tried to drive through Coconut Grove to get home and found that people could walk faster than the cars could move. However, the multitude of walkers were all in costume and I found myself in a long parade with everyone waving and ghosts swooping down on the drivers, witches and pumpkins coming off the sidewalks to parade in between the cars, etc. It was quite an experience but I have never tried to repeat it. I prefer to stay in and hand out candy and treat myself!
I wrote about some of my childhood memories of Halloween last week, so just want to say "Happy Halloween!" And remember to prepare for the great feast of All the Saints!

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