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Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Fun

It seems that each day in the week is special and I seem to have been reflecting on this in my blogs. I find Friday a happy day as one is aware of two days to sleep a little later perhaps and just enjoy the fact that all of us are having fun just being home together.
I love autumn and miss it in Miami so have gone looking for images to recall the turning of the leaves, the smell of bonfires, the crisp, cool air that blows the leaves around and the gentle rain that so often appears in October - I am, of course, remembering my childhood days in St. Louis where we roamed through Forest Park after watching the boys play football; we could bike everywhere without fear; I do not remember any crimes being reported in our neighborhood and the park was a safe place about seventy years ago. How time flies but how vivid are our memories!
I am going back over some of these early memories to thank God for all the things I did not think to thank for then. How much I have to be grateful for and how this gratitude makes me feel so joyful even when I realize that many of my friends are now no longer on earth. I am getting to have an whole host of friends with God and that also is good news. In a sense, a very real sense, they are closer to me now.

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