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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursdays Are Spiritually Enriching!

Thursdays find me at St.Thomas University for noon Mass, picnic lunch with a longtime spiritual friend,
and then a faculty faith-sharing group. We begin with Centering Prayer and then do Lectio Divina on the next Sunday's Gospel. This is all so life-giving for me!
This Thursday evening I also have a wonderful Reflection Group that meets for supper, prayer, and sharing on our chosen book. We are using Jose Pagola's "Jesus: An Historical approximation", one of the best books I have read on Jesus.
Some Thursdays I also have a visit with my Spiritual Director so I usually make sure I have extra time before Mass to review my month. I am most grateful for Thursdays!
I wrote this blog on my I-Pad but am pleased to say that AT&T showed up yesterday and we are back on wireless with a new number and password. 
I love this picture and think it is good just to meditate in front of it. 

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