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Thursday, October 17, 2013

My favorite image of the Sacred Heart

This is a statue of the Sacred Heart that we prayed in front of as novices. It is now at Carrollton. It is my favorite image of the Jesus. It is fitting to think of how much the devotion to the Heart of Jesus has influenced us since the time of St. Margaret Mary. She is the one who furthered the devotion as she received the four great apparitions of Jesus showing her His Heart and asking her to establish the Feast of the Sacred Heart, and Jesus also asked for the holy hour, the practice of receiving Holy Communion on First Fridays, and making reparation. He told her how much He loves us only to receive ingratitude in is a feast to renew our own love for Jesus and to realize that His Heart wait for us. It was opened on the cross for us and Jesus wants us to let Him love us and for us to love Him.
Today is really the Feast of St. Ignatius of Antioch - he wrote some great letters on the way to Rome to be eaten by lions; his letters give us a good picture of what it meant to be a Christian in the first century. He was a holy bishop and wanted to die for Christ.
This picture of the statue of the Sacred Heart was taken for me by a dear friend on the faculty at Carrollton; she also just sent me a framed picture of the same statue and I will hang it in my room as it helps me to pray for the world.

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