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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Leisure is a gift to thank God for and we have week ends!!

Saturday is a day to enjoy more time to watch college football, clear off desk, read, and prepare for the Sunday Liturgy that I prefer to go to on Saturday evening. We do not cook on Saturday so our evening seems longer and we can sleep later on Sunday, if we wish to do so. I do think that having a week end is a great grace and this is going to be a three-day week end! There is much to thank for and Saturday is a good day to reflect on the gifts of the past week and prepare to thank for all that is coming next week. I guess the Sunday Gospel has really made me think of how often I am like the lepers who do not return to give thanks to God.
I do not want to neglect Christopher Columbus but, since we are celebrating his day on Monday, I guess he will not mind that I wait until then to share a memory.

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