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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Giving joy to others


Today I found a new and really easy way to make others happy! I am passing it on as it was quite a discovery for me to make - I am sure I had noticed before how happy people are to be recognized for something nice, and I know how I feel myself when someone tells me that I have made their day! As I have started to keep a gratitude journal again, I just mentioned that my gym instructor was in my gratitude journal as I really appreciated how she makes us work out - something I would not do by myself. She just lit up and so I thought of others who I would put in my gratitude journal and each one seemed so grateful and happy that I think we will raise the level of joy if all of us go around thanking the people in our lives for all they do!

My cursor is going backwards today and I do not know why nor do I seem to remember how to fix this problem so I am quiting but you have lots to reflect upon today. Just tell people you are putting them in your gratitude journal and see how they react. The smiles are reward enough, but I think I am feeling more joy because I have been able to give some joy to others. And this has been in the midst of some frustrating moments today that I am just not going to think about but I need to tell you that I am writing this blog on Friday and posting it for Saturday. The Mass at noon was packed and many were there because of a new statue of Our Lady  which is now up on a pedastal - this statue shows a pregnant Mary and a whole new group of people were there today and were going to have special prayers after Mass, but I left with most of the regulars only to find the parking lot overflowing with cars and quite difficult to get out of as some were double-parked, others in the fire lanes, and it started to rain to add to the confusion. The rain did not last and I was grateful for that and for the fact that no one was parked behind me so I could get out and home!

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