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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday Meeting

Back in 1989, since I had begun a training program for spiritual directors, I joined a supervision group. We still meet every month. Now our meeting seems more like group spiritual direction as we spend three hours just listening to each other; we share what is going on in our lives - both joys and sorrows. After 25 years, some of the sharing concerns suffering - loss of someone dear, surgeries, and just painful moments, but there is also a sense of God's action in our lives and that gives joy. I rejoice in the way my friends respond to whatever God is sending them during the month,. I rejoice when I hear about the good that is being done by each even as we grow older. We have a great deal of collective wisdom and holiness in our group and I find the meeting life-giving. I think all of us need to share more with others the way God works in our lives. I think He comes to us in so many ways: through a chance encounter, an e-mail or phone call, or a book. When we take time to reflect on our lives, we find God is surrounding us with His love and attentions and we miss so many of these. My prayer today is to be more conscious of God's presence in my life!

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