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Monday, October 21, 2013

How easyily I accumulate so much...

I am into clearing out and finding that I have just allowed myself to accumulate piles of papers, cards, prayers, old papers from meetings, etc. I am never going to need all of this and do not even remember what I have and so I am now clearing out and I am determined to keep at it all week until I have been through everything. Pray that I really get rid of things and not just move them around the way I do with my books! Books are something I do keep but all the rest needs to go or be given to some one who can use all the extra things I have accumulated. I think the problem was having to get out of my office at the University so quickly; I did give away almost all the books I had in my office but had to bring so many papers home to sort through and have never done that. I just filled a file cabinet and "out of sight, out of mind." Now I hope that I can really throw away and be ruthless - this may need your prayer as I realize that I keep more than I need and so I intend to go through everything and hope I can do it in a week! I got a good start today and now need a bigger waste-basket. This is a Fall house-cleaning and I seem to be motivated but also find it easy to stop and start to read all the papers, letters from friends that I kept but do not need to keep, etc.
This may not be a very spiritual blog, but there is something about clearing out that prepares us for a a self-emptying that makes more room for God. I am doing all this before Halloween this year and not waiting for Advent. May be you want to join me in a good clearing out of old files, keepsakes, etc.

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