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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Courage to be ourselves...

I have just read a reflection on Goal Five for our Higher Education group. Goal Five is saying that we commit ourselves to personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom. The reflection quotes one of our great educators, Mother Grace Dammann who, when speaking before the National Educational Association back in 1936, said that one of the greatest challenges of Catholic colleges of that time was "to have the courage to be ourselves, courage to seek our own standards..." I thought this "courage to be ourselves" is a grace that St. Philippine Duchesne would love to give us during this novena to prepare her feast. I will again copy the prayer I am using:

Lord Jesus, through the intercession of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, to your Sacred Heart I confide...(here I am putting my friend from Scotland, but you may add your own intentions, too) Only look...Then do what Your Heart inspires...Let Your Heart decide... I count on It...I trust in it...I throw myself on its mercy...Lord, Jesus! You will not fail me!..."

My "walking prayer" today is the next invocation in the Litany of the Sacred Heart:
Sacred Heart of Jesus, to your deep recollection, I unite myself." I am seldom able to be in "deep recollection" so it is a joy to know that I can unite myself to that of Jesus who did manage to live in deep recollection or at least made the time for it throughout his life.

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