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Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Sunday of Advent

I am determined to finish my Christmas cards today so as to enter into the silence of Advent and give more time to prayer. I also need to find more time for writing that book or it will never get written. As we begin this season, let us pray together so our hearts may be more aware of the presence of Jesus who came into this world to bring us life. As we prepare anew for a special coming at Christmas, may we also be able to be Christ for one another this Advent. It is not easy so we need to pray for one another.

I have a Christmas card with a young drummer boy playing his drum at the foot of the manger and Jesus is looking at him. The card says above "He played his drum for Him." Below the picture which has only the drummer boy and the Infant Jesus with animals surrounding them, it says, "He played his best for Him." I hope that when Christmas comes this year I will be at the crib piping a song of joy for Jesus and that He will be able to see that I have done my best for Him this Advent. I have framed the card so I will give it my best effort to spread peace and joy, His peace and joy, and love, to all.

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