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Friday, November 19, 2010

Waking up laughing

Yesterday I had a lovely feast of St. Philippine Duchesne. This is a picture of her tomb in the Shrine at St. Charles and I am praying to her today to thank her for her many years of watching over me. I woke up laughing yesterday and remembered the last part of a vivid dream. I was in a Chapel praying in a stall; others came in and the one next to me said it was time for chanting Office and I was the officiant. I sat down and then realized I had a missal in my hand and not my office book. I had to get up to lift the stall and find my office book. Then I realized that all were waiting for me and I was flustered and began the office not sure of what I was doing; at one point, not knowing if it was my part or another's marked in the office, I said to myself, "but who am I?" By the time Office was over I felt that I had made mistakes but I wanted to laugh. In fact, I told the person next to me that I was sorry but could not stop laughing and then I woke up. It was a good dose of humility with humor and a lovely way to begin the day.
Here is a poem to honor Philippine, written by one profession ceremony:

You old woman saint and creased face

went to Sugar Creek,

your eyes speaking hope, your ears compassion.

Others preached, you prayed.

Others taught wise truths, you played with children

smiled at them and held a small bird in your lap,

hid a frightened child in your skirt folds,

wound your ancient time-piece once again

before a child’s-gaze, amazed.

You blessed the prairie Church

with your true presence.

Then with your old body

and beads smooth-worn

Went home to die,

you with your old hands.

Judy Brown, RSCJ

Today I am praying, "Strength of the Heart of Jesus, uphold my heart."

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