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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How do you picture prayer?

Today my invocation is "Sacred Heart of Jesus, to your fervent prayers, I unite myself!" I looked at my file of pictures and chose this one of Thomas Merton's monastery as one thinks of prayer in every moment and corner of a monastery. I had the same feeling when I was a child at school. The Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles is a holy place and I felt the atmosphere of prayer. In fact, I was convinced that all the Religious were so united to Jesus in prayer that they only stopped to teach us and then went back to deep recollection. When I entered, I discovered that it is not so easy to form the habit of continual prayer; we are all human and life is full of distractions. It helps to know that I can be united to the prayer of Jesus and I am finding taking a different invocation from the litany each day is really helping me to keep an atmosphere of prayer throughout the day.

After the election results I feel a greater need to pray for all government officials and our country needs prayer more than ever. Let us unite ourselves to the prayers of Jesus, to the fervent prayers. One of our Mother Generals once told the novices in France: "Unite your poor minutes of prayer to the prayer of Jesus, minute by minute in the tabernacle, and ask Him to replace and repare for your poor minutes of prayer."

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