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Friday, November 26, 2010

What a wonderful day is Thanksgiving - and the day after!

The day after the feast is fun as we relive the time with our friends, the lively Mass full of Indians and Pilgrims and a children's choir who sang before Mass and then waved flags during the patriotic sing-along after Mass. Our feast was really a banquet and we thought of so many who might not have anything to eat today, but at least the soup kitchens were busy yesterday so that all would have a real Thanksgiving dinner! Now is the time to keep on thanking for the blessings we have and cultivate the habit of gratefulness. I am grateful for these days of quiet and look forward to some swimming and reading. I feel that we are all enjoying vacation, but I know that those who work in stores will have a hectic day tomorrow. I cannot imagine shopping the day after Thanksgiving with the crowds of people. Still, I will try to get a start on Christmas cards this week end and my Christmas letter as I like to have this done before Advent. Now that so many have e-mail, I hope to send fewer cards as the postage is more, too. Still, I know some of my friends like to have my card and Christmas letter sent by regular mail, so suspect I may not cut the list very much. I should be thinking of Sunday as the first Sunday of Advent and preparing for the coming of Christ. I am going to start over with the Litany of the Sacred Heart.

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